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Growing Leaders - Healthy Lifestyle
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  12/10/2021  - Ohio FFA Association Leadership Night - RIVER VALLEY (Caledonia)

Contact River Valley Calendia FFA

Karen Seckel:

The cost to attend is one item for our Adopt a Soldier drive, which I will send a list to each teacher upon their reservation. 

6:00-7:30 State Officer Workshop
7:30-8:00 Dinner
8:00-9:00 Gym/Games
  12/14/2021  - Ohio FFA Association Leadership Night - COLUMBIANA COUNTY CTC
Contact Columbiana CTC
  12/15/2021  - Ohio FFA Association Leadership Night - MEADOWBROOK
Contact Meadowbrook FFA
  1/11/2022  - Ohio FFA Association Leadership Night - UPPER VALLEY CC
Contact Upper Valley CC
  1/12/2022  - Ohio FFA Association Leadership Night - SYMMES VALLEY
Contact Symmes Valley FFA
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  3/7/2022  - District 1 CDE Invitational
Contact CDE  Chair Krysteena Lawerence
  3/11/2022  - Southeast Invitational
Contact CDE Chair Matt Wentworth
  3/12/2022  - Miami Trace Invitational
Contact Miami Trace FFA
  3/14/2022  - STATE Ag Sales CDE


Students MUST be registered for this event.

  3/16/2022  - Indian Lake Invitational
Contact Indian Lake FFA
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
Building Communities - Economic Development
Building Communities - Citizenship
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
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